Tera Pruitt is a writer, researcher, and archaeologist who lives in Cambridge, England.


For over ten years, I've worked as an excavating archaeologist and a scientific ethnographer. My academic work has focused on the way scientists uncover and understand the past, and previous roles include researching and lecturing at the University of Cambridge, working with UCLA and Native American tribal communities for the National Science Foundation, excavating with Rice University, assisting the Theatre and Performance department at the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as working with at-risk teenagers in California. I have a number of academic publications that highlight my archaeological research.

I am also a novelist. My Young Adult adventure novel was longlisted for the 2016 Mslexia Children's Novel Award, and my second novel was longisted for the SCBWI 2018 Undiscovered Voices Anthology.

In my free time I read, run marathons, take photographs and travel everywhere I can.

I've visited 63 countries and territories (according to the Traveler's Century Club list). In 2014, I completed my lifelong goal of visiting all 7 continents by stepping foot on Antarctica.